Stay Connected When Disaster Strikes

  • If things got so bad that our basic utilities were to shut down, landlines wouldn’t be far behind even though they run on their own power source.
  • Cell phone networks will be saturated to the point that they will become ineffective. They too must connect to a landline at some point and if landline is down so is your cell phone.
  • Satellite phone is cost prohibitive to most potential users and is severely limited indoors
  • GMRS/FRS radios (ie walkie-talkies), while great for certain scenarios, just don’t have the range if we plan on talking with anyone outside of a couple miles…let alone out of the state or in another country.

Amateur Radio

Amateur radio, or more commonly referred to as “ham radio”, is used by city, county, and federal emergency communications teams; by private relief organizations throughout the world; and by a large number of dedicated citizens who are active, knowledgeable, and have the skills and ability to respond and assist in emergencies.

You can see what training is available HERE.