The BVRC Ham 101 committee was approved at the January 3rd, 2019 club meeting. The beginning was January 8th, 2019 when Gregg KF5ZIM and Tom KE6UWB met for the first Ham 101 committee meeting to get the ball rolling.

Mission Statement
To provide select Ham Radio education and training to interested individuals by maintaining a list of those that wish to Elmer select areas of interest.

Committee Members

  • Gregg Doty KF5ZIM – Chair
  • Tom Carroll KE6UWB
  • Jeffers Dodge KK6LNC
  • Marc Whittlesey W∅KYZ


  • Glenn Kilpatrick WB5L
  • Ron Evans K5XK

Elmer List

Please see our Elmer list under the Ham 101 Elmers tab.

An Elmer is: An experienced Amateur Radio operator with a steady hand who took you under their wing and taught you the right way to be a proper radio operator.